laura morgenstern photo
laura morgenstern. I was born in 1986 in vienna, austria but grew up in santiago de compostela, spain. my father being austrian and my mother chilean i was constantly influenced by these two cultures. i came back to vienna to study architecture. i began at the technical university where i finished my bachelors degree and i am currently working on my diploma project at the academy of fine arts.
in 2011 i spent six months in paris and decided to start documenting impressions of my everyday life in the french capital on analogue film with a simple compact camera from the 90’s. i was so fascinated by the power the camera had on me, the way it changed my perception of the spaces surrounding me, the way it made me notice little details and then the suspense waiting for a film to come back from the lab and the curiousity to see if the pictures turned out the way you had imagined them, that i did not stop carrying my old little compact camera since then. the concept is to work with a fast tool that produces authentic and sincere material. no effects, no filters, no photoshop. i guess the architectural background is often palpable in my work, so i would say that the focus lies on experimenting with composition, repetition, superimposition, colours and geometry.